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The health benefits of ginger

Ginger is a fantastically healthy food to add to dishes and drinks – and you don’t need much of it to reap the health benefits of ginger. This versatile root and stem, called a rhizome, can be used fresh, dried, powdered, preserved or pickled. It [...]

Recipe for Romance

Do you hate the idea of busy restaurants with over priced set meals and closely packed tables for two on Valentine’s Day? Me too. On the other hand there is nothing romantic about spending time being frazzled in the kitchen. The solution? A yummy prep-ahead [...]

How to make a wholesome, tasty lunch in 2 minutes!

  Making your own lunch is one of the healthiest habits you can develop. That way you can control what goes into your healthy lunch and save shedloads of money in the process. It is estimated that in the UK people spend, on average, around [...]

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking fats a key component of the Mediterranean diet and hugely versatile. Use it in salad dressings, in cooking, baking or as a deliciously simple dip for fresh bread. Olive oil contains a vast array of polyphenols – [...]

Interview with Charlene Hutsebaut

This week I caught up with the awesome Charlene Hutsebaut to talk about her work and why she’s taking a very different approach to helping people improve their fitness and nutrition. Charlene is a Wellness Mentor with 24 years experience in the health & fitness [...]

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