There are many carrot benefits. Carrots are grown all year round and store well. Unlike many fruits and vegetables, much of their nutritional value is not lost through storage!

Adding fat to carrots when cooking them increases their health benefits because it increases the bioavailability of beta-carotene, that is the amount your body can absorb.

It is preferable to buy organic as pesticides residues are pretty high in carrots and even the organic variety is still pretty cheap. If you can’t get organic carrots make sure you wash and peel them.


carrot benefitsWhy eat carrots?

  • Carrots are rich in soluble fibre, necessary to keep the gut healthy and carry toxins and cholesterol out of your body.
  • Carrots are a fantastic source of beta –carotene, essential for healthy immune system





Eating too many carrots can cause carotenosis which is not dangerous and can, in moderation, give the golden skin tone we all covet. A study found that just two extra portions of carotenoid-rich fruit and veg a day gave a noticeable change in skin colour in six weeks.