Get great results every time with these seven simple baking tips

7 Simple Baking Tips   1. USE PLAIN FLOUR Self-raising flour goes off much more quickly than plain. Always buy plain flour and add baking power when you need to. The general rule of thumb is 1 teaspoon of baking powder to every 100g/4oz of flour if a recipe calls for self-raising flour. 2. Always [...]

Eat pasta like an Italian!
7 golden rules to make a deliciously healthy pasta meal and no sugar required.

7 Rules for a Healthy Pasta Meal # 1. Always choose pasta made from 100% semolina from Durum wheat Durum is an ancient type of grain that is a hybrid of wild grasses with a high protein content. Pasta that’s made from Durum wheat has a remarkably low glycemic index (GI) making it a healthy [...]

Five healthy ideas for your lunchbox

Ditch shop-bought sandwiches, ‘healthy’ salads and sugary cereal bars and perk up your lunch with our delicious lunchbox ideas. Feta, beetroot and winter leaves A scrumptious sweet and tangy salad combo rich in fibre and antioxidant nutrients.  Beetroot is also great for supporting digestion.  To add variety to your lunches  substitute the feta with [...]


Try something different with these simple, yet special side ideas for your festive table. Six different vegetables to pair with anything from the traditional turkey roast, to pork or beef. When it comes to festive food, there is always a nod to both English and Italian traditions in my kitchen and veggies are no exception. [...]


I hate to waste food and time, so I am always looking for ways to save both.  This way of preparing chicken has been a feature of my weekend cooking for as long as I can remember.  It takes very little prep time and it gives you a main meal on the day you prepare [...]