Quiche with ham and pecorino

Quiche with ham and pecorino - Crisp pastry and just-set filling - simple and scrumptious! - thickly sliced good quality ham, grated pecorino, sprig rosemary, crème fraiche, eggs, butter, plain wholemeal flour, Sea salt, black pepper, Nutmeg, If you are using shop-bought pastry, skip to step 3. Otherwise...; Cube the butter. Put it in a [...]

Sizzling scallops

Sizzling scallops - A superb starter of scallops, pancetta and balsamic dressing. Scallops' aphrodisiac reputation makes this a perfect dish for a romantic supper. - king scallops ((with or without the coral)), diced pancetta, sprig sage, Cress to serve, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Sea salt, black pepper, Gently rinse the scallops under running water and [...]

Smoked trout paté

Smoked trout paté - Quick, healthy, tasty and versatile - perfect as a starter, in a sandwich or as a jacket potato filling. - smoked trout fillets, ricotta, unwaxed lemon, chopped fennel or dill, horseradish cream, whole black peppercorns, Zest and squeeze the lemon. Flake the smoked trout and remove any bones. Wash and chop [...]

Jerusalem artichokes trifolati

Jerusalem artichokes trifolati - A delicious way to serve this winter root - Jerusalem artichokes, chopped parsley, lemon, clove garlic, olive oil, vegetable stock, Sea salt, black pepper, Wash and chop the parsley. Peel and bash the garlic clove. Prepare the vegetable stock according to packet instructions.; Squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl of [...]

Mexican tomato salsa

Mexican tomato salsa - Fast, fresh, fiery dip or side dish - ripe but firm vine tomatoes, Small bunch fresh coriander, jalapeno chillies, lime, olive oil, red onion, demerara sugar, Sea salt, black pepper, Wash the tomatoes, cut into quarters and remove the seeds. Cut each quarter into strips and dice.; Wash the coriander and [...]

Avocado tostadas

Avocado tostadas - Easy veggie tostadas - always a crowd pleaser - ripe Hass avocados, Bunch fresh coriander, limes, red chilli, large wholemeal tortillas, olive oil, cloves garlic, red onion, Sea salt, black pepper, PRE-HEAT THE OVEN TO 200˚C/180˚C FAN/GAS 6; Use a 5-6cm pastry cutter to cut 2 circles out of each tortilla. Brush [...]

Mediterranean stuffed peppers

Mediterranean stuffed peppers - Simple supper bursting with exciting flavours - red or yellow peppers, mozzarella, shredded fresh basil, black olives, pine nuts, wholemeal couscous, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, Sea salt, black pepper, PRE-HEAT OVEN TO 200˚C/180˚C FAN/GAS 6; Wash, halve and deseed the peppers. Wash and shred the basil. Cover the sundried tomatoes with [...]


Caponata - A fantastic aubergine starter or side dish from Sicily - large, firm aubergines, red or mixed peppers, plum tomatoes, sticks celery, red onion, wine vinegar, capers, sunflower oil, to fry, olive oil, Handful of pitted green olives, Pinch of dried oregano, Sea salt, pinch dried chillies (optional), passata, sugar, Top and tail the [...]


Gazpacho - A brilliant make-ahead starter or light lunch - tin plum tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, red chilli, thick slice slightly stale white bread, cloves garlic, olive oil, sherry vinegar, paprika, Sea salt, black pepper, DRY Dry out the white bread under the grill without colouring it then remove the crust and set aside.; Peel [...]

Burrata and Parma ham with mixed leaves

Burrata and Parma ham with mixed leaves - If you like mozzarella you’ll love burrata! This makes a great starter - slices Parma ham, fennel bulb, heads red chicory, ruby chard leaves, lambs lettuce, ball of burrata or buffalo mozzarella, sprig fresh tarragon, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Sea salt, Wash the tarragon leaves and finely [...]

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