Mediterranean stuffed peppers

Mediterranean stuffed peppers - Simple supper bursting with exciting flavours - red or yellow peppers, mozzarella, shredded fresh basil, black olives, pine nuts, wholemeal couscous, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, Sea salt, black pepper, PRE-HEAT OVEN TO 200˚C/180˚C FAN/GAS 6; Wash, halve and deseed the peppers. Wash and shred the basil. Cover the sundried tomatoes with [...]


Caponata - A fantastic aubergine starter or side dish from Sicily - large, firm aubergines, red or mixed peppers, baby plum tomatoes, sticks celery, red onion, white wine vinegar, capers, cloves garlic, olive oil, Handful of pitted green olives, Pinch of dried oregano, Sea salt, black pepper, Top and tail the aubergines, wash them and [...]


Gazpacho - A brilliant make-ahead starter or light lunch - tin plum tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, red chilli, thick slice slightly stale white bread, cloves garlic, olive oil, sherry vinegar, paprika, Sea salt, black pepper, DRY Dry out the white bread under the grill without colouring it then remove the crust and set aside.; Peel [...]

Monster eyeballs recipe

Monster eyeballs recipe - Really easy savoury treats for Halloween. Fun food that won't bite back from Lemon Squeezy, where great food is made easy. - ricotta, Grated parmesan, green olives stuffed with pimento, Mix the ricotta and parmesan to a stiff consistency and put in the fridge for about 10 minutes.; Meanwhile, cut the [...]

Trio of bruschetta

Trio of bruschetta - A simple, informal starter for sharing - baguette, ricotta, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, shelled fresh broad beans, Handful of pea shoots, lemons, olive oil, frozen peas, cloves garlic, Dried oregano, sugar, Sea salt, black pepper, Cut the baguette in 1 cm thick slices and toss lightly over the charcoal.; Add your favourite [...]

Burrata and Parma ham with mixed leaves

Burrata and Parma ham with mixed leaves - If you like mozzarella you’ll love burrata! This makes a great starter - slices Parma ham, fennel bulb, heads red chicory, ruby chard leaves, lambs lettuce, ball of burrata or buffalo mozzarella, sprig fresh tarragon, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Sea salt, Wash the tarragon leaves and finely [...]

Apple, speck and radicchio tart recipe

Apple, speck and radicchio tart recipe - Super-simple but sophisticated - a great showcase for winter flavours. Perfect recipe for a starter or a tasty light lunch. - Red apples, speck, head of radicchio, sprigs rosemary, sheet ready-rolled puff pastry, egg, Butter for greasing, olive oil, wine vinegar, Grated parmesan, Sea salt, PRE-HEAT OVEN TO [...]

Suppli with pesto and mozzarella

Suppli with pesto and mozzarella - Utterly delicious balls of pesto risotto with a melting mozzarella heart. Great as an appetiser. - eggs, pesto, mozzarella, butter, arborio rice, breadcrumbs, vegetable stock, shallot, Sea salt, black pepper, Groundnut oil for frying, Peel and finely chop the shallot. Prepare the stock according to packet instructions.; Melt the [...]

Asparagus wraps with balsamic dressing

Asparagus wraps with balsamic dressing - These quick and easy wraps of tender asparagus wrapped in tasty speck or Parma ham make a lovely starter or great spring canapés. - bunch asparagus, speck, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Sea salt, PRE-HEAT OVEN TO 190˚C/170˚C FAN/GAS 5; Snip the woody ends off the asparagus and rinse under [...]

Griddled asparagus

Griddled asparagus - Griddled asparagus, drizzled with olive oil and lemon and topped with shaving of parmesan. The perfect accompaniment to a roast chicken dinner. - bunch of asparagus, Block parmesan for shaving, lemon, olive oil, Sea salt, black pepper, Snip the woody ends off the asparagus and rinse under running water.; Heat a large [...]

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