The expert advice was to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day then it changed to 7-a-day. This seems an impossibly tall order when most of us still struggle to reach the magic number of 5-a-day.

Also what is exactly a portion? And do we have to do the maths every time we have a snack or sit down to eat? It seems a pretty joyless approach to healthy eating

LS_7-314My suggestion? Let’s stop counting and getting bogged down with portion sizes. Instead simply make sure that you include fruit and vegetables, in their natural, unprocessed form and as wide in colour as possible at each meal in a way that feel natural and enjoyable.

And here are some suggestions to get you started:

Blitz a smoothie
Super healthy bircher muesli
Mexican style eggs

Pack a salad
Make a soup
Round lunch off with a piece of fruit

Gnocchi in a tomato and mushroom sauce
Asian style salmon salad
Chicken breasts in a pepper stew
Fruity pork fillet
Round off meals with a piece of fruit or a fruity desserts