This week I caught up with the awesome Charlene Hutsebaut to talk about her work and why she’s taking a very different approach to helping people improve their fitness and nutrition.

Charlene is a Wellness Mentor with 24 years experience in the health & fitness industry. Last year she was proudly nominated as one of the Top 10 Global Finalists in the Life Fitness Personal Trainers to Watch Competition. She was also awarded a Mayor of London – Volunteer Award for work in her community with resident projects including getting people outdoors and moving.

Anna:  “How are you different to others in the health and fitness industry?  Why would someone want to work with you?”

Charlene: Tough question. The thing about the health & fitness industry is that there are thousands of us out here. I fully believe there is a personal trainer or speaker to fit everyone’s needs.  Each person has their own unique personality which will mesh well with certain fitness professionals.  Some like a “go hard or go home” approach while others prefer a nurturing social style and there are variations of those methods in between.

Anna:  So how can someone who has probably not exercised in a long time set about finding the right trainer that is going to motivate, nurture and inspire them?

Charlene: Finding the right person for you is the trick. So, I suggest whether you are going to work with a pro in person or online look at least 2-4 people to get a feel for their qualifications, personality and overall vibe. You need to not only believe in their education and approach but actually like them in order to enjoy working with them. If they are online have a look at their social media accounts such as twitter or Instagram. You will get a great view of their philosophy through those. Be sure to keep your own personality, likes, dislikes and preferences in mind when choosing a pro and/or programmes.

Anna:  Charlene , you offer both in person and online fitness programmes.  How do you personally work with people, what is your philosophy around fitness and a healthy lifestyle?

Charlene: Me personally…when I meet someone new and they ask me what I do I say, “I help people to find loving and nurturing ways to live a healthy lifestyle. I want them to become the heros in their own healthy stories.”  My philosophy words are caring, nurturing, challenging, guiding, empowering and realistic. My training is a cutting edge fusion of pilates foundations, positive mindset and traditional weight training. I have been told by clients that my unfailing optimism, encouragement and completely non-judgemental attitude helps empower them to live a healthy lifestyle.
At this point in my career I am confident to call myself a Wellness Mentor. This encompasses many hats I am privileged to wear including personal trainer, corporate wellness speaker, writer, pilates teacher and brand ambassador.

Anna: I am sure a lot of my readers like the sound of working with someone online, giving them the opportunity to fit exercise around their other commitments but does it work?  Can you stay motivated and achieve results?
Charlene: Oh yes, you can definitely stay motivated and interested online as well as achieve results while saving money and time!
The beauty of working with someone like me online is that you can fit in the healthy practices to suit your current lifestyle and timings. I feel giving people shorter yet effective workouts helps them to break down the time barriers.  The workouts are doable and achieve results as they are based on research and experience. Programmes like mine are also more cost-effective than seeing someone in person and have a strong community support element. For example my 8 Week – Empower your Inner Goddess programme has a private facebook group where you can ask questions and learn from not only me but other participants in a safe place. My online clients have discovered that sharing their positive feel good practices is also empowering.  I find these groups are extremely nurturing as everyone is going through a similar journey.

Anna:  Well, as someone who doesn’t particularly like working out in a gym, I certainly feel inspired and can’t wait to incorporate your Backpack workout #1 into my exercise routine.

Thank you Charlene!
And if you’d like to find out more about Charlene’s fitness tips you can find her on  any of twitter, facebook or Instagram
You can also get her Empower your Inner Goddess – 8 week programme at less than half price until Feb 1st/2016!