Chicken breasts in a pepper stew

Chicken breasts in a pepper stew - Quick, healthy, delicious one-pot supper, ready in 20 minutes - skinless chicken breasts, red pepper, yellow pepper, bunch fresh parsley, tin chopped tomatoes, clove garlic, olive oil, Sea salt, black pepper, Wash the peppers, deseed them and cut them into thin strips. Peel and crush the garlic.; Wash [...]

Creamy chicken curry

Creamy chicken curry - Forget takeaways! Try this simple, flavoursome curry - skinless chicken breast fillets, fresh tomatoes, baby spinach, piece of fresh ginger, chili, red or green, crème fraiche, groundnut oil, onion, clove garlic, ground coriander, ground turmeric, ground cumin, Sea salt, Boil a kettle. Put the tomatoes into a bowl and pour hot [...]

Pan-fried chicken with lemon and oregano

Pan-fried chicken with lemon and oregano - Quick, zesty and couldn’t be simpler - skinless chicken breast fillets, lemon, Pinch of dried oregano, olive oil, Sea salt, black pepper, Make a few diagonal slits across the chicken breasts with a sharp knife and put them on a plate.; Squeeze the lemon. Mix together the lemon [...]

Roast chicken with lemon, garlic and thyme

Roast chicken with lemon, garlic and thyme - A really fragrant roast that virtually cooks itself - free range chicken, preferably organic, lemons, sprigs fresh thyme, tablespoons olive oil, cloves garlic, Sea salt, black pepper, TURN THE OVEN ON TO 180˚C/160˚C fan/Gas 4; Rinse the chicken thoroughly and pat dry with kitchen paper. Put it [...]

Chicken fajitas

Chicken fajitas - Fun, filling & full of flavour for a taste of Mexico - chicken breast, bunch fresh coriander, limes, large red pepper, large yellow pepper, Soured cream to serve, Emmental cheese to serve, Wholemeal wraps to serve, large onion, ground cumin, olive oil, lager, Sea salt, black pepper, Wash and roughly chop the [...]

Thai-style chicken curry

Thai-style chicken curry - Light and bursting with flavours - chicken thigh fillets, piece of fresh ginger, green chilli, Small bunch fresh coriander, lemon, cloves garlic, onions, olive oil, ground turmeric, ground cumin, ground coriander, tin coconut milk, jasmine rice, Sea salt, Peel and finely chop the ginger. Peel and finely chop the garlic. Wash, [...]

Summer chicken one-pot

Summer chicken one-pot - Aromatic one-pot guaranteed to become a family favourite - chicken thighs, preferably organic, green beans, baby plum or cherry tomatoes, onion, dry white wine, olive oil, fennel seeds, Sea salt, black pepper, Peel and finely chop the onion. Top and tail the green beans and rinse under running water. Rinse the [...]

Chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup - Quick and easy meal to rustle up - chicken breast, grated fresh ginger, small cabbage, spring onions, lime, nest fine egg noodles, vegetable stock, soy sauce, Thai fish sauce, A pinch chilli flakes, Peel and finely chop the ginger. Wash and finely chop the cabbage. Top and tail the spring onions [...]

Tangy chicken salad

Tangy chicken salad - Light summer dish bursting with flavour and goodness - cooked chicken, carrots, red pepper, orange pepper, sticks celery, Gruyere cheese ((optional)), green olives, pitted, cornichons, olive oil, wine vinegar, Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard, Sea salt, Wrap each breast in cling film and flatten with the help of a rolling pin. Brush [...]

Sweet chilli chicken bites

Sweet chilli chicken bites - Sticky, succulent bites of chicken to barbecue - chicken breast fillets, red chillies, fresh ginger, limes, Bunch spring onions, Bunch fresh coriander, cloves garlic, soy sauce, agave nectar, Cut each breast lengthways into 3 strips. Wash, deseed and finely chop one chilli. Peel and grate the ginger. Peel and crush [...]

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