Mexican tomato salsa

Mexican tomato salsa - Fast, fresh, fiery dip or side dish - ripe but firm vine tomatoes, Small bunch fresh coriander, jalapeno chillies, lime, olive oil, red onion, demerara sugar, Sea salt, black pepper, Wash the tomatoes, cut into quarters and remove the seeds. Cut each quarter into strips and dice.; Wash the coriander and [...]

Avocado tostadas

Avocado tostadas - Easy veggie tostadas - always a crowd pleaser - ripe Hass avocados, Bunch fresh coriander, limes, red chilli, large wholemeal tortillas, olive oil, cloves garlic, red onion, Sea salt, black pepper, PRE-HEAT THE OVEN TO 200˚C/180˚C FAN/GAS 6; Use a 5-6cm pastry cutter to cut 2 circles out of each tortilla. Brush [...]

Asparagus soup

Asparagus soup - A quick and easy spring soup - large bunches asparagus, leeks, lemon, tablespoon crème fraiche, butter, vegetable stock, Sea salt, black pepper, Wash the asparagus thoroughly to make sure any grit is removed from the tips. Bend the spear until it snaps and throw the woody part away. Cut off the asparagus [...]


Caponata - A fantastic aubergine starter or side dish from Sicily - large, firm aubergines, red or mixed peppers, baby plum tomatoes, sticks celery, red onion, white wine vinegar, capers, cloves garlic, olive oil, Handful of pitted green olives, Pinch of dried oregano, Sea salt, black pepper, Top and tail the aubergines, wash them and [...]


Gazpacho - A brilliant make-ahead starter or light lunch - tin plum tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, red chilli, thick slice slightly stale white bread, cloves garlic, olive oil, sherry vinegar, paprika, Sea salt, black pepper, DRY Dry out the white bread under the grill without colouring it then remove the crust and set aside.; Peel [...]

Trio of bruschetta

Trio of bruschetta - A simple, informal starter for sharing - baguette, ricotta, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, shelled fresh broad beans, Handful of pea shoots, lemons, olive oil, frozen peas, cloves garlic, Dried oregano, sugar, Sea salt, black pepper, Cut the baguette in 1 cm thick slices and toss lightly over the charcoal.; Add your favourite [...]

Suppli with pesto and mozzarella

Suppli with pesto and mozzarella - Utterly delicious balls of pesto risotto with a melting mozzarella heart. Great as an appetiser. - eggs, pesto, mozzarella, butter, arborio rice, breadcrumbs, vegetable stock, shallot, Sea salt, black pepper, Groundnut oil for frying, Peel and finely chop the shallot. Prepare the stock according to packet instructions.; Melt the [...]

Griddled asparagus

Griddled asparagus - Griddled asparagus, drizzled with olive oil and lemon and topped with shaving of parmesan. The perfect accompaniment to a roast chicken dinner. - bunch of asparagus, Block parmesan for shaving, lemon, olive oil, Sea salt, black pepper, Snip the woody ends off the asparagus and rinse under running water.; Heat a large [...]

Asparagus and ricotta tart

Asparagus and ricotta tart - Crisp flaky pastry, creamy ricotta and fresh asparagus come together beautifully in this quick & easy tart. Perfect for a picnic or light lunch. - rolled sheet of puff pastry, ricotta, bunches asparagus, egg, tablespoon grated parmesan, Butter for greasing, Sea salt, Nutmeg, PRE-HEAT OVEN TO 190˚C/170˚C FAN/GAS 5; Snip [...]


Pinzimonio - This tasty, healthy olive oil dip is popular in Italy served with pre-dinner drinks or aperitivo and a variety of seasonal, young vegetables. - red pepper, yellow pepper, Red chicory, Little gem lettuce, radishes, cucumber, celery sticks, young carrots, sprigs thyme, sprigs marjoram, sprig fresh oregano or ½ tsp dried oregano, lemon, olive [...]

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