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The star of the season –

  Tomatoes are at their best during late August, so don’t miss the opportunity to savour them just as they are or as great companion for meats and fish dishes or make them the star of summer salads. WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR The best tomatoes are ripened on the vine with a sweet, grassy [...]


For me courgettes are the perfect summer vegetable, they can be on the table in a matter of minutes, are easy to prepare and hugely versatile.  Whether slender or round, bright green or yellow, steamed, marinated, griddled or spiralised, courgettes never fail to enrich a summer meal.   And they are not just delicious. Courgettes are [...]

Get great results every time with these seven simple baking tips

7 Simple Baking Tips   1. USE PLAIN FLOUR Self-raising flour goes off much more quickly than plain. Always buy plain flour and add baking power when you need to. The general rule of thumb is 1 teaspoon of baking powder to every 100g/4oz of flour if a recipe calls for self-raising flour. 2. Always [...]

Eat pasta like an Italian!
7 golden rules to make a deliciously healthy pasta meal and no sugar required.

7 Rules for a Healthy Pasta Meal # 1. Always choose pasta made from 100% semolina from Durum wheat Durum is an ancient type of grain that is a hybrid of wild grasses with a high protein content. Pasta that’s made from Durum wheat has a remarkably low glycemic index (GI) making it a healthy [...]

How to… savour chocolate for maximum health benefits.

I LOVE chocolate and truly believe there aren’t many problems a bit of chocolate can’t solve, but there is so much more to chocolate than its mood-soothing properties. Chocolate’s health benefits come from its main ingredient, cacao, the unprocessed product of the Theobroma cacao bean, which literally means “food of the gods”. Cacao powder is [...]

All About Electric Ovens

It's time to learn all about electric ovens! Knowing a bit about your oven and how it cooks is important for getting good results. Most people have either a fan-assisted oven or a fan oven. A fan-assisted oven has two heating elements, top and bottom, and a fan at the back which merely circulates the [...]

Why YOU aren’t consistently eating healthily

        Here are some myths that you tell yourself on a daily basis: Vegetables are boring, they don’t taste nice and don’t fill you up. Healthy eating involves trips to farmers’ market or specialist shops to buy exotic ingredients, herbs and spices. And you end up throwing most of the food away! [...]

Why are Mediterranean Diets healthy?

  Quite a few of you have asked recently ‘how can a Mediterranean diet, with its high consumption of olive oil and carb rich foods be healthy and aid weight loss?     We are constantly bombarded with health advice that tends to focus on a single component rather the overall pattern of our diets. [...]

Spoil your mum with a gorgeous brunch this Sunday

A month of great cooking... Easter Weekend & Mothering Sunday Sorted! Hello everyone and welcome to March… Easter is coming at the end of the month and we have got brilliant recipes to see you through in style from Good Friday to Easter Monday. On Mothering Sunday spoil your mum with a gorgeous brunch.   Plus some [...]

Easy ways to your 7-a-day…

The expert advice was to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day then it changed to 7-a-day. This seems an impossibly tall order when most of us still struggle to reach the magic number of 5-a-day. Also what is exactly a portion? And do we have to do the maths every time we [...]

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