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Anna from Lemon Squeezy Healthy Food RecipesI am an Italian living in London and for the past few years Lemon Squeezy has been my virtual home where I share my passion for delicious, home cooked food that also happens to be good for you.

I used to be a busy City girl, raising a family as well as managing a demanding job – I know first hand how hard it feels to get home and have to put a healthy meal on the table at the end of a long day. At the time, my LOVE for delicious food and my Italian heritage were a great asset.

When I became disillusioned with my City job, I turned to my passion for the power of food to energise, nourish and heal and Lemon Squeezy was born. There is a wonderful quote from Ann Wigmore that goes: “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”.  And that’s absolutely true.

I passionately believe that cooking for yourself is the single healthiest choice you can make and my aim is to help people adopt a healthier way of eating that becomes a natural lifestyle, not a short-term commitment (no diet fads here!).

This is real food for real people, it tastes amazing as well as having a high nutritional value AND most importantly you don’t need to overhaul your lifestyle completely to adopt this way of eating and to improve your health and your cooking.

real food for real people

I’m often asked what diet I follow, I don’t believe in labels or fads, I broadly follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet and have just three simple rules:

1. All food has to be delicious, healthy and above all easy to prepare even after a full day.

That’s why you’ll never find tricky recipes that require loads of time, effort, and equipment on Lemon Squeezy any more than you’ll find boring food that’s barely worth the time it takes to cook it.

2. Make small changes for big gains

Aim for consistency not perfection.  Big, drastic changes are harder to make and to sustain in the long run.  Take baby steps, reduce the amount of processed, sugary food and snacks over time whilst introducing more and more fresh, vibrant, seasonal produce.  You’ll soon find the more fruit and veggies you eat the more your body craves the real stuff.

3. No guilt!

Don’t deny yourself anything. Don’t equate healthy eating with misery and deprivation.   I don’t believe in declaring any food off limits, with the exception of those heavily processed foods that come out of factories, wrapped in cling film and with heating instructions.  Anything else is allowed.  Eat consistently well and if you occasionally fancy ice cream or chips or chips and ice cream then go for it and enjoy every mouthful without a shred of guilt!

Over the past few years Lemon Squeezy has helped people balance their blood sugar, get more energy, shed some weight and feel better and happier within themselves.

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Here is to living your healthiest life…. Deliciously!


What others say


“Who says healthy eating has to be a lifeless chore?  With a stunning choice of inspirational ingredients and delicious, easy recipes, there is a new breed of cooking at Lemon Squeezy, just waiting to be discovered”.
Holly Eels – Editor West Essex Life



“I first came across Lemon Squeezy as a student, when I needed inspiration for pasta recipes beyond pesto and tuna! After making the prawn, broccoli and chilli pasta I was hooked, and now I often use the website for inspiration, especially because I love Italian food!

Besides the range of recipes on the website, what I really like about Lemon Squeezy is that all the recipes are easy to make, and I find that even if I need to buy new ingredients, I will always use them again either in the same or a different recipe.

Last summer I actually attended one of Anna’s cooking workshops with my mum and a friend – we all loved it, and learnt to make several dishes including a quinoa, avo and feta salad that has since become a permanent feature in my packed lunches! Anna herself is lovely and her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is evident both in person and on the site – highly recommended!”
meg t.



“I am hugely enjoying the LemonSqueezy web site and have tried several recipes. A favourite is the Chicken in a Herby Tomato sauce, really delicious. Anna is more than happy to answer any queries and the recipes are clear and easy to follow as well as being yummy! A bonus is that the ingredients be easily tailored to the number you want to cook for.  I can’t recommend the website highly enough.”
mary p.



“As part of our obligation to offer nutritional advice to our patients, Bellcourt Dental Surgery has had an association with Lemon Squeezy for several years.  We recommend that our patients visit the Lemon Squeezy website for nutritional information and new ideas for a healthy diet.

We have had a positive response from our patients, be it from trying a new recipe to completely changing the way they eat.  One patient commented that she has completely changed the way she eats since discovering Lemon Squeezy. Her fridge is now half as full as it used to be, but she uses everything and minimises waste.”
Paul Train – owner Bellcourt Dental Surgery