Better-for-you burgers

Better-for-you burgers - Healthy, cheap and easy to make lean beef burgers. When you make your own you're in control of the quality of the ingredients & the seasoning. - lean minced beef (preferably 5% fat), egg, bunch fresh parsley, wholemeal breadcrumbs, Milk, Grated parmesan (optional), 1 large red onion, clove garlic, A grating of [...]

Salmon fishcakes

Salmon fishcakes - Tasty & substantial fishcakes. Serve on a bed of salad with a dollop of sweet chilli sauce for a satisfying lunch. - floury potatoes such as Maris Piper, skinless salmon fillets, eggs, unwaxed lemon, wholemeal breadcrumbs, fennel seeds, paprika, Olive oil for frying, Sea salt, black pepper, Sweet chilli sauce to serve [...]

Baked frittata with ricotta and spinach

Baked frittata with ricotta and spinach - Perfect for a simple lunch or light supper - eggs, fresh spinach, emmental cheese (vegetarian versions available), ricotta, leek, A little butter for greasing, olive oil, A grating of nutmeg, wholemeal breadcrumbs, Grated parmesan (vegetarian versions available), Sea salt, black pepper, TURN THE OVEN ON TO 180˚C/160˚C fan/Gas [...]

Leek and potato bake

Leek and potato bake - Creamy and comforting easy vegetarian bake - just 20 minutes prep. Meat-eaters love it too! - baking potatoes, large leeks, unsalted butter, Milk, plain flour, olive oil, wholemeal breadcrumbs, Grated parmesan (vegetarian versions available), Sea salt, black pepper, Peel the potatoes and chop into small chunks.; Trim the leeks, discarding [...]

Pork meatballs in tomato sauce

Pork meatballs in tomato sauce - Succulent, aromatic and a great value family meal - lean ground pork, preferably organic, 9% fat, apple, egg, wholemeal breadcrumbs, sprigs fresh thyme, tin chopped tomatoes, olive oil, clove garlic, balsamic vinegar, black pepper, Sea salt, Olive oil or rapeseed oil for frying, Peel and coarsely grate the apple. [...]

Potato gateau

Potato gateau - Savoury cake from Naples - ham and mozzarella sandwiched between layers of pillowy mashed potato. Deliciously comforting! - floury potatoes, mozzarella, ham, eggs, unsalted butter, wholemeal breadcrumbs, green olives, pitted, Grated parmesan, A grating of nutmeg, Sea salt, Pepper, Scrub the potatoes clean. Put them in a saucepan, cover with water and [...]

Mushrooms stuffed with walnuts and spinach

Mushrooms stuffed with walnuts and spinach - Ideal as a delicious starter or light supper - large portobello mushrooms, fresh spinach, wholemeal breadcrumbs, unwaxed lemon, grated pecorino romano, plain yogurt, olive oil, clove garlic, walnut kernels, Sea salt, black pepper, PRE-HEAT OVEN TO 200˚C/180˚C fan/Gas 6; Rinse the spinach. Put it into a saucepan and [...]

Steamed cod with salsa verde

Steamed cod with salsa verde - A high protein dish containing healthy fats from anchovies and olive oil. Simple, delicious and on the table in 15 minutes. - skinless cod fillets, sticks of celery, sprigs fresh thyme, lemon, bunch fresh parsley, fresh basil, wine vinegar, capers, cornichons, anchovy fillets, olive oil, wholemeal breadcrumbs, Put the [...]

Salsa verde

Salsa verde - Simple, piquant sauce of bread and parsley - bunch fresh parsley, Bunch fresh basil, wholemeal breadcrumbs, wine vinegar, capers, anchovy fillets, olive oil, Sea salt, black pepper, Put the breadcrumbs into a bowl with the vinegar.; Wash and roughly chop the parsley. Wash a handful of basil leaves. Rinse the capers.; Blitz [...]


Suppli - A Roman speciality - leftover risotto, any type (OR), cold boiled rice (dressed with simple tomato sauce and grated parmesan.), mozzarella, egg, plain flour, wholemeal breadcrumbs, Vegetable oil to fry, Dice the mozzarella. Break the egg into a bowl and lightly beat it with a fork.; Shake the flour on to one plate. [...]

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